iOS Dock Cable Glows With MagSafe-Like Charging LEDs


Has it charged yet? With the glow, you will know.



Aleratec’s Charge-Glo dock cable has a very simple yet very neat gimmick: like the MagSafe charger you have for your MacBook, it sports an LED in the plug, and this LED changes color to show charging status. No more tapping at your iPhone’s home button to see if it has done charging.

Better yet, it costs just $20, which is better than Apple’s offering. Hook it up to your device, or to your device via the appropriate dock, and the LED will glow red as it charges. When done, the color changes to blue.

I’m almost certain that Aleratec’s engineers haven’t sweated over the choice of LED color like Apple’s have, and that instead of the pleasingly restful hues of the MagSafe you will instead have to put up with the usual blinkenlight horror show, but the utility is clear.

I’d order one right now if a) I didn’t already have like 20 cables in a box and b) I wasn’t sure that Apple was going to ditch the current dock connector design in a couple of weeks.

Source: Aleratec

Thanks: Anonymous Aleratec employee!


  • assyrianpride

    thats awesome, i want one of those.

  • Steve Jackson

    Blinkenlight horror show sums it up pretty well

  • davehornsby

    If you like this then you’ll LOVE this :) I bought one of these a few months ago and love it – the whole cable lights up and simulates the flow of electricity into your iDevice. What’s more it slows down as the device fills up and stops when it’s fully charged. Make sure to watch the video –