Propel Your Download Experience (And Life) To The Next Level With This $3 Mac App [$3Thursday!]


Folx Pros

Here’s the scenario: You invite a date over to impress them with your cooking skills. The house is tidy and you look sharp. You’re slaving away in the kitchen when your date innocently asks to check their email and you absentmindedly oblige. Then it hits you… You left your download folder open! Yeah, that dreadfully unorganized file that looks more like your trash bin. You run to try and save your dignity, but it’s too late; you have been exposed and the date is a solid block away in a dead sprint.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there before. Lucky for you we have a download manager that is here to put your worries at rest so you can move on with your life once and for all. Folx Pro packs a ton of nifty features to get you on the fast track literally and figuratively. Here is what you can get for 3 bucks:

  • Maximize your download speeds.
  • Easily schedule downloads.
  • Automatic download speed adjuster for when you need bandwidth for others apps.
  • Ability to search for torrents directly from Folx Pro.
  • iTunes integration to smoothly send music and videos to your library.
  • Add RSS feeds to Folx Pro and automatically download attachments from it.

So go ahead, bust out that wallet and keep that computer orderly to impress those future dates you have lined up. They will also think you are a big spender with that shiny new $20 app. The $17 discount will be our little secret.

*Note: Keep an eye out for $3 Thursdays in the future. These are extraordinarily discounted limited-time deals we offer to show our appreciation to our readers. Enjoy!