Good Keeps Your Work From Spilling Over Into Your Personal Life On Your iPhone Or iPad


The latest release of Good for Enterprise delivers more security and separation of work and personal data on an iPhone or iPad.
The latest release of Good for Enterprise delivers more security and separation of work and personal data on an iPhone or iPad.

One of the first secure business solutions for the iPhone and iPad was Good for Enterprise, a secure collaboration tool that allows companies to separate business email, calendar, and contact systems from Apple’s standard Mail, Calendar, and Contacts apps. Going beyond simply separating work accounts and data from a user’s personal accounts, Good’s alternatives securely encrypt all data and must be unlocked using credentials other than the passcode used to unlock an iOS device.

Good released a significant update to Good for Enterprise this week, one that makes the solution more streamlined, user-friendly, and offers powerful new features – some of which are worth considering for their business functionality as well as their innate security.

Good for Enterprise uses a single collaboration app to plug into enterprise systems like a Microsoft Exchange server. Much like Outlook on a Mac or PC, that app provides access to email, calendar, and contact features. Good also includes a secure web browser as an alternative to Safari. An integrated content locker provides secure on-device storage of  business documents and files.

This week’s update provides a range of new and useful features for business users as well as security and management enhancements for IT.

  • A new user interface with streamlined navigation between components like email and calendar as well as a customizable navigation bar.
  • File attachment support for calendar events.
  • Secure camera app that allows users to snap photos of work events, meeting whiteboard contents, schematics, and other work-related images without worrying about them being accidentally uploaded to iCloud or grouped with personal photos.
  • Secure image sharing with other Good for Enterprise users.
  • The ability to sync tasks and to-dos with standard business solutions like Outlook and Lotus Notes.
  • Support for .MSG email attachments associated with an Exchange server.
  • The ability to view sub-folders of contacts associated with an Exchange Server.
  • Support for HTML 5 and pop-up windows in Good’s secure browser.
  • The ability to classify emails to reflect their sensitivity or confidentiality using categories like public, internal, or classified.
  • Support for encrypted email services on Lotus Domino servers.
  • The ability to import files and documents from third-party apps – a one-way feature that allows content from unsecured apps outside the Good sandbox to be brought into the secure storage locker but prevents data from being passed back to those apps.
  • Broader support for iOS mobile management capabilities.

The new version of Good for Enterprise is available from the App Store. Access to business and enterprise systems through Good for Enterprise requires Good’s enterprise server solutions.

Source: Good Technology