Intellicast Updates iPad App In Time For Seasonal Hurricane Watch


Follow Hurricane Issac's path as it cuts through the U.S.
Follow Hurricane Issac's path as it cuts through the U.S.

Just in time to track Hurricane Isaac’s warpath and the ensuing intensity in the South, Intellicast has updated its iPad weather application with a combo feature set focusing on specific datelines and local weather event tracking.

The Intellicast weather map app uses National radar and satellite information for specific forecasting. Among a few key updates, Intellicast added a layer ‘scrubber’ that moves through a specific time in the day and can be followed minute-by-minute.

The most useful feature of the app is the cleaner-looking real-time maps UI. The new specific datelines determine the weather at a specific time of the day and are presented in a layered window that is quite easy to use. When we played with it this morning, we were struck by the speed of the information layering through animation combining these features. Dragging the map to the New Orleans section, giant red transparent areas detailed separate events moving across the map and glowed in various shades of color as the weather changes. When you click on these areas, you receive immediate weather alerts with county-specific notifications from the National Weather Service, also color-coded to determine severity and emergency needs.

Choosing different map layers is useful if you’re constantly checking for updates throughout the day, as most people in the South are currently doing. Up to six layers or overlays can be saved to your personal settings, including Radar, Satellite, Road Weather, Wind Speed, Earthquakes and Tropical Storm tracks. We were able to track the progress of the area’s biggest hurricane from its entry point in the Gulf Coast to the Houma area and found where it might ultimately end up, through the midwest in Illinois and Indiana.

This application is sure to come in handy during the upcoming months of irregular weather so let us know if you use it and find it useful. 

image: Jose Fermoso/Cult of Mac