This Is What Happens When You Accidentally Drop An iMac Down A Mall Escalator? [Video]



What would happen if you took a beautiful, brand new iMac and “accidentally” dropped it in front of a bunch of strangers? Would they weep with you, or would they just laugh on by while calling you a bumbling idiot?

One guy thought it’d be a great prank to walk around the mall with an iMac box, and drop it in front of crowds, just to see what the reaction would be. He didn’t just drop it, though. He flung it down escalators. Tossed it into the trunk of his car. And knocked it off the top of a roof, and then tried to take the iMac box back to the Apple Store.

Check out the video below to see people’s reactions when the most beautiful computer in the universe gets clumsily destroyed.

Source: YouTube