Samsung Customers ‘Jumping Ship’, Selling Their Devices Following Loss To Apple


Trying to sell one of these? You're not the only one.
Trying to sell one of these? You're not the only one.

Apple’s lengthy battle with Samsung came to a close last Friday when a jury decided Samsung was guilty of infringing six of Apple’s patents, and that it must pay more than $1 billion in damages as a result. Not only was this a huge blow to Samsung, but it appears it’s also hit the Korean company’s customers, too.

One used electronics company has seen a 50% growth in the sale of Samsung devices as customers “jump ship” following its loss.

As a result of this, the resale value of Samsung’s devices has dropped by 10%. MarketWatch reports: reports a 50% increase in Samsung smartphones over the past three days, which has led to a 10% drop in prices for those devices. “Consumers seem to be jumping ship,” says Anthony Scarsella, chief gadget officer at “We expect this trend to continue, especially with this latest verdict.”

But it may not be just Samsung’s phones that are affected by last Friday’s decision. Some experts are predicting that all Android handsets will feel its effects, and that used Android devices will continue to flood the market for the foreseeable future. According to some, the court decision has created a lot of “uncertainty” about devices running Google’s platform.

This could mean that future Samsung devices are substantially different to those we’ve seen so far, and that the core features customers have become accustomed too may have to change.

But of course, Apple hasn’t quite secured its victory just yet. A hearing on December 6 will decide whether 8 of Samsung’s devices will be banned from sale in the United States, and Samsung has insisted it will appeal last Friday’s decision. This case could still take a twist just yet, then.

Source: MarketWatch

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  • RadTech5000

    The best news is yet to come when Samsung fires it’s CEO for brining it’s stock value down to Facebook value.

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    Why would they care? The phone still works the same as it did last week.

  • iSteve

    Thermonuclear war has started. Android is finished..

  • hanhothi

    This case is FAR from over. It is clear to me that the Jury Forman is totally biased and turned the Jury against Samsung. How can the world expect an unbiased trial involving the American Patent system, an American company against an overseas company in an American court? Imagine if this was all reversed: the trial is in Korea, we see the same kind of bias against Apple and then Samsung won. Would the world (and Americans) accept that? No! I am not a Fandroid, I have never even used used an Android system let alone own one, and I have 5 Apple devices, but this trial was a farce and show how unfair the American Justice and Patent systems are.

  • Andrew Newsome

    I don’t understand why so many people are like “HAHA TAKE THAT SAMSUNG! GO APPLE! YEAH!”

    Do they realise the monopoly it will cause?

    Sure Apple is great, i have many products and they are all great, but there HAS to be competition. Without competition Apple can just inflate their prices as much as they want, and people will be forced to buy.

    I can’t stand the bias from a lot of people who say whatever they use is the best and everything else is crap. Everyone prefers different things.

    Saying Android is finished, and claiming Android fans are pathetic is even more pathetic. I can’t believe some people are so emotionally attached to Apple, and take offense to Samsung.

  • Faizyab Khan

    this article is very informative i have also read this one found it good check

  • kavi

    Bogus report! How suddenly such things happen in a day or two? Also android is good considering it is in largest no of devices and eco system is evolving! Goyabulse…