The Toddy Wedge, A Plush Pyramid Which Polishes Phones





Imagine if your took the ultimate hippy artifact (apart from the roach clip, I guess), and combined it with the ultimate must-have hi-tech accessory. That’s right: the beanbag chair meets the microfiber cloth.

Now, further imagine that you shrunk the result, and added some fabric designs that would be more at home on a corporate robot’s necktie than on a filthy 60s dropout’s cheap furniture.

Now, behold the result of your crazed imagination: the Toddy Wedge, (not to be confused with the “Todd Wedgie, which was an unfortunate schoolyard event that led directly to the laugh-a-minute movies Welcome to the Dollhouse and Happiness)


The Todd Wedge is a $15 cushion in the shape of a wedge. It’ll prop up your iPhone at almost any angle, and your iPad for typing or reading in bed. The plush pyramid has a little lip at the front edge to stop the occupant from slipping off, and when your greasy fingers have left their mark on your iDevice’s pristine screen, a quick rub with the Toddy Wedge will polish them off.

The Wedge comes in a variety of fabric designs. One of them – the one that looks like the inside of a fig if looked at whilst stoned – would even be fit for a full-sized beanbag.

Source: Toddy Gear

Thanks: Kristen!


  • hanhothi

    Ah, the roach clip. Yes, it has been a long time. You old hippy Charlie!