Beautiful Indie Game Crow Flies Onto The Mac Platform This Thursday



Sunside Games announced that their well-received iOS game, Crow, is coming to the Mac platform this Thursday, August 30, 2012. Crow for the Mac will have Game Center support, including leaderboards and achievements, as well as high rez graphics and a remastered soundtrack.

“Crow has had an incredibly successful run so far on the App Store. It’s a really unique immersive experience and it demonstrates that there is a desire for something fun and different. We’re really excited to bring this experience to the Mac,” said Richard Cowgill, CEO of Sunside, Inc.

In Crow, you take on the role of the titular high-flying black bird, soaring over the landscape to collect shiny things, complete missions, and attack and avoid enemy creatures like scarecrows, archers, and giant scary trees. It’s truly a gorgeous game on the iPad, though the touch controls can be a bit wonky. Perhaps the Mac version’s inclusion of keyboard and mouse controls will make this great game even better to play.

The soundtrack and beautiful visual style also give this game a unique quality in a sea of look-alike and play-alike games. Here, see for yourself:

Crow will be available on the Mac App Store, as well as You can find out more information on the Crow Facebook page as well as the Sunside Games website itself.

  • coolman1081

    I have it on my iPad, I wasn’t a huge fan of it.