Apple Testing 6-Core Mac Pro Using Intel ‘Gulftown’ Chip


Credit: Steve Kay/Flickr
Credit: Steve Kay/Flickr

Apple is testing a new version of its Mac Pro equipped with a six-core processor from Intel. The new computer could be introduced in the first quarter of 2010 and may prompt a discount for earlier Mac Pro machines. The report by Hardmac is based on an unnamed source.

If correct, the new Mac Pro desktop will boost the current 8MB L3 cache to 12MB using the Gulftown Xeon chip. The update would permit 12 threads for each CPU. Apple will likely double the six-core to 12, reports said. The Gulftown is the codename of Intel’s unreleased chip expected to be named the Intel Core i9 or Xeon 5600 series for servers. The six-core processor will be Intel’s first and its as-yet unreleased status could give Apple a brief exclusivity.

Apple currently uses the Nahalem Xeon processor in its Mac Pro released earlier this year. The Mac Pro now offers 8 cores running two 2.26GHz quad-core Intel Xeon 5500 processors.

[Via HardMac and AppleInsider]