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Trillian 2.0 Makes Instant Messaging Sexy On The iPad



Back in my shameful Windows PC years, Trillian was my go-to instant messaging app: the software of choice if you wanted to juggle a bunch of different IM accounts without having a half dozen apps open.

When I moved to Mac, I quickly moved over to Adium and never looked back, but Trillian’s been making waves on the Apple side of things lately. First, they ported over Trillian to the Mac, and then they released a native iPhone version.

Now version 2.0 of Trillian for iOS here, and it brings a much clammored for feature: native iPad support. And it looks great.

Instead of simply scaling their UI assets up, Trillian makers Cerulean Studios opted to create an entirely new interface for their iPad version, and it looks great, with a lovely new Launchpad interface for chatting with your friends.

Here’s how Trillian describes Trillian for iOS version 2.0:

Trillian 2.0 features a beautiful new interface designed exclusively for your iPad. Because Trillian’s primary element is a collection of small chat bubbles, simply “making things bigger” felt awkward to us; worse, large windows with small text snippets sometimes required a slight turn of the head while reading. Our solution keeps chat windows sanely sized and uses the rest of the screen for tabs, swiping, and in-app notifications!

Across the iPhone and iPad, Trillian’s new launchpad UI lets you keep up with the people most important to you at a single glance. Paired with optional address book integration, Trillian can now automatically import names and photos to really make your launchpad shine. In addition, your standard contact list is still available, searchable, groupable, and sortable according to your personal preferences – we’ve even added a few new settings!

It’s nice to see Trillian on the iPad, and considering that the app is completely free on iTunes for both the iPhone and iPad versions, if you want to keep abreast of your instant messages on the go, this is a fine alternative to some of the more expensive iOS IM apps. I’ve got to admit, though, that since the introduction of iMessage on both iDevices and the Mac, my interest in iOS instant message clients has pretty much gone through the floor: I can already use my iPhone or iPad to communicate with most of my friends on the go. How about you?

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