Show As Many Or As Few Days As You Like In Mountain Lion Calendar [OS X Tips]


The Beatles got nothing on us - FIFTY days a week.
The Beatles got nothing on us - FIFTY days a week.

Remember that tip we gave you about showing more than seven days in a week in iCal? It’s been a while, but there used to be a way to enable a Debug menu in iCal to allow you to open multiple iCal windows, change the number of weeks that appear before and after the start date in Day View, and even show more than just seven days in a week.

Well, that debug menu has gone away in Mountain Lion, but we found a cool Terminal command that does something similar.

Launch Terminal from the Utilities folder and type or paste in the following command:

defaults write CalUIDebugDefaultDaysInWeekView 14

Then launch Calendar (or relaunch, if you had it up and running) to see that you’ve got 14 days in week view.

You can make that number say anything. Try a huge number, try a small number; it’s all great fun. When you’re done, repeat the command in Terminal and put the number of days you’d like to see in week view into the above command.

Personally, I keep going back to 7 days a week, because it just weirds me out to have so many in one calendar view.

Via: MacWorld Hints