Check Out This Amazing Technicolor Chalk Portrait Of Steve Jobs From Last Weekend’s Palo Alto Arts Festival




This weekend saw Palo Alto, California once again hosting its annual Festival of the Arts. The festival is known, amongst other things, for its yearly Italian Street Painting Expo, in which over sixty street artists take to the pavement to make elaborate paintings in chalk.

This year, to honor Palo Alto’s most famous adopted son, street artist Lawrence Viariseo did this amazing technicolor Steve Jobs portrait. Steve looks, perhaps, a little bit leonine in the painting, but that just makes it better: Apple’s founder always did have a thing for lions.

Check out the Vlariseo drawing the portrait below, courtesy of Flickr user Tim Roper. It’s a thing of beauty.

Source: Iein Valdez
Thanks: Alyssa C.

  • mr_bee

    cool. the proportions are way off but the eyes make it obvious who it is.

  • lowtolerance

    You guys will publish anything, won’t you? That’s just a crappy portrait with pretty colors. If it weren’t for the iconic pose, that would just be some some bearded dude with glasses, not Steve Jobs.

  • Scott Bruneau

    Beautiful use of color. No matter if it is “Steve Jobs” or some other balding bearded guy with THAT pose. Something in proportion may have been lost in translation/transition from pavement to internet posting. Very good use of color… no matter who it is :-)

  • copperbum

    amazing? not quite

  • GameCenterGames

    Simply Amazing. Enough said.

  • Chris Russell

    simply awful