Fujifilm’s Leaked Retro-Styled Compact Might Also Have A Retro-Styled Name


A handsome devil, isn't it?

For folks of a certain age, “XP1” means one thing: film. Ilford’s XP1 was the world’s first chromogenic film, introduced in 1980. It was a black and white film which could be developed in any chemical process, whether B&W, color print or slide. Thus, you could drop it in at any high-street lab and get back quality B&W prints (and negatives) in an hour, not a couple of weeks.



Now, though, it looks like it’ll be the name of the next retro-styled camera from Fujifilm. Fujifilm has clearly seen the success of its X-Pro and decided that its popularity is down not to its large sensor and innovative optical/electronic hybrid viewfinder but its old-fashioned goos looks.

Thus the XP1 (as it may be called – the top-plate text may read XF1) adds a strip of grippy vinyl or leather to the silver body of an otherwise run-of-the-mill compact and calls it good. The leaked photos say the XP1 comes with a 6.4-25.6mm ƒ1.8-2.9 lens (a 4x zoom).

Otherwise, it looks like any other compact, albeit a stylish one. Or you might just buy the Rangefinder case for your iPhone and be done with it.

Source: Photojojo