VMWare Targets Macs In Business With New Fusion Professional Release


VMWare launches business/enterprise edition of its virtualization software for Macs.
VMWare finally integrates Fusion with other VMWare enterprise products and functionality.

VMWare announced the newest version of VMWare Fusion, its Mac virtualization product, this week. In doing so it also launched its first business or enterprise version of the popular tool for running Windows and other operating systems on Mac workstations. Dubbed Fusion Professional, the new solution has a range of features that are likely to appeal to IT professionals in both business and education.

Fusion Professional incorporates all the features of new Fusion 5 release as well as several management features designed to help ensure a functional and secure Windows experience for users in business environments. Those features include the following:

  • IT can now create restricted virtual machines where users can run Windows and installed applications, but cannot change any virtual machine settings.
  • Hard drive images used as startup drives can be encrypted for additional security.
  • Policies can limit or disable access to USB devices in Windows.
  • Organizations can customize the VMWare Fusion help files to provide company-specific information.
  • A new network editor allows IT to add and remove virtual networks and create custom virtual networking configurations – a feature that is particularly well suited to virtual machines used for demonstrations as well as software testing.
  • Licensing has been optimized for enterprise environments. Fusion Professional licenses can be used with Fusion on a Mac or with VMWare Player running on Windows or Linux PCs.
  • VMWare includes tools to prep for mass deployment using Apple or third-party deployment tools.

It’s worth noting that virtual machines can be managed and updated using standard enterprise technologies including Active Directory. From an IT perspective, such virtual machines are managed as if they were standalone PCs.

Fusion Professional also offer volume licensing and volume discounts. A three-year support and maintenance update package is available as well.

Source: VMWare

Via: MacTech

Image: VMWare

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  • sjordi

    Yeah, but what it doesn’t offer is an upgrade from 4 Standard to 5 Standard.
    You have to buy it at full price. After I complained, they told me to get the professional upgrade version at the same price than the full standard one.
    Once I said I couldn’t care less about the new features I won’t use anyway, and I won’t install a bloated version, that was it. No solution.

    It’s forcing customers to buy products at full prices and I think that they should be a bit more careful about what message that sends to the end-user.
    That’s why I will not upgrade (I don’t care about the price actually, it’s just the way they treat customers) and will switch to Parallel next time they upgrade their version.
    A colleague of mine follows me. So they already lost two customers.