8 Things That Kept Tim Cook Super Busy During His First Year As CEO [One Year Of Tim]



Tim Cook has been very busy running Apple the past 12 months. There have been a lot of changes and new products that have helped make Apple the most valuable company ever. There have also been a lot of controversies, and headaches along the way. The road hasn’t been all smooth sailing, but we think Tim has done a great job in his first year as CEO of Apple.

Here are eight things that have kept Tim busy in his first year as CEO:

1. The Passing Of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs died just weeks after Tim Cook took his spot as CEO of Apple. Steve’s death was one of the biggest things Tim had to tackle as CEO and he seemed to handle the situation pretty well by hosting a huge Steve Jobs memorial on Apple’s campus. Regarding Jobs’s death, Tim said, “It was absolutely one of the saddest days of my life when Steve passed away. At some point late last year, somebody kind of shook me and said, ‘It’s time to go on.'”

Tim at the Steve Jobs memorial.
Speaking about Jobs.

2. Keynotes and Product Launches

Apple has launched a huge arsenal of new products over the past 12 months, and Tim’s been there to help introduce everything from the iPhone 4S to Mountain Lion, with a couple more keynotes left this year.

iPhone 4S keynote

Tim’s most recent keynote was focused on the MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mountain Lion, and iOS 6.


3. Walks With Important People In Tech

Tim Cook enjoys a good walk. Maybe. I don’t really know him, but it just seems that way because he’s been spotted walking around with a lot of important people in the tech world at places like Sun Valley.

Tim Cook and Julius Genachowski, chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
Tim Cook and Paul Sagan, chief executive officer of Akamai Technologies, Inc.
Victor Koo, chief executive officer of Youku Inc., walks with Tim Cook.
Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey and Tim Cook strolling around, looking for danger.


4. Foxconn

2011 and 2012 have been huge years for the Chinese labor conditions controversy. Steve Jobs never talked about Foxconn much, but Tim Cook jumped right into the storm and increased worker wages and visited one of Foxconn’s plants in China.

Tim Cook hanging out at the Foxconn plant in China.


5. Chatting With The Press

Tim claimed that Apple was going to “double down” on secrecy this year, but that didn’t stop him from meeting with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg at the All Things Digital 10 conference to talk about what it’s like running the most powerful technology company in the world.

Tim talking about Apple while sitting in the famous red chair.
Tim even mingled with people for a bit after the WWDC 2012 keynote.


6. Business with China

Not only have working conditions at Foxconn been a problem Tim’s had to deal with, but trademark issues in China have caused a few headaches, so Tim went to Beijing to meet with government officials.

China’s Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Chao meets with Tim Cook during his visit to Beijing.
The mayor of Beijing hung out with Tim for a bit, too.
Tim even dropped in on an Apple Store while he was in Beijing



7. Suing Samsung

Apple and Samsung have been going at it in the courts all year. Supposedly, Tim Cook and Samsung’s CEO Kwon Oh Hyun have even met a couple of times to try to reach an agreement, but both sides won’t budge.


8. The U.S. Government

Apple’s eBook pricing scheme has come under fire from the U.S. Department of Justice. Apple claims they’ve opened up the market for more companies to compete against Amazon with iBooks, but the DoJ says that Apple’s standardized pricing is illegal. Tim Cook also met with U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner to talk about a possible tax holiday.

Tim Cook and Congressman John Boehner visiting at Capitol Hill.