Book-Sniffers Rejoice: Dodocase for Kindle Touch


As close as you'll get to the feel of a paper book.



The various bookbindery cases for the iPad are great and all, but I always found them to be a little impractical. They look lovely, they offer a ton of protection, but they do tend to get in the way. But the Kindle, made to be read like a book, seems tailor-made for a book-like cover. And here it is, the Hardcover for Kindle Touch from Dodo.

The case does away with the usual bamboo or wood frame and instead uses an adhesive sheet to stick the Kindle inside, saving weight and also making it lighter on the eyes. The case closes with an elastic strap, and the front cover can be wrapped around the back, allowing you to do something never allowed with a real book.

But maybe the best thing about adding this case is that it stops the pages from accidentally turning when you place the book face down. I sometimes use the touch-screen Kobo reader and it is forever registering bed covers and sofa cushions as fingers, and losing my place.

If I owned a Kindle Touch, I’d have ordered one of these Dodo cases already. They’re just $35. In fact, I’m getting pretty tempted to order the Kindle Touch just because this case exists…

Source: DODOcase

Thanks: Abby!


  • FriarNurgle

    Daughter has the official Kindle case with the pop out light. Not the cheapest thing, but highly recommended… at the very least just for the light.

  • assyrianpride

    too bad apple didnt think of this for the ipad before they did.

  • jfc123

    Why is this on an Apple website???

  • nthnm

    I love the inside cover of this case, but I think I still prefer my Kindle branded case with light. It completely covers all edges of my Touch.