Instacube Lets You Show Off All Your Hipster Instagram Photos In Real Life [Kickstarter]



Seems like everyone nowadays is trying to build something off of Instagram. We’ve seen cameras and printers that look like the Instagram icon, but nothing we’d ever really want, except maybe this new idea, called the Instacube.

Instacube is basically just a digital photoframe – you know, the kind that were almost popular back in 2006? Except it connects to Instagram and lets you view pictures from any feed on Instagram, or follow certain hashtags. You could even set it up in your living room and connect it to your own Instagram feed to show all your house guests how you’re a totally badass iPhoneographer, or something.

Instacube has a touchscreen display so you can swipe through photos or use the tactile buttons on the top of the device. One idea is you can set an Instacube up at a party, have people tag party photos with a particular hashtag and then the Instacube will follow the hashtag and display the photos as they appear on Instagram.

The project has already received half of the $250,000 it needs to be funded on Kickstarter, with 4 weeks left, so it looks like this might be something that actually comes to life. $99 will buy you one Instacube “Classic” unit, but you’ll have to wait a while because its estimated delivery date is March 2013.

Source: Kickstarter

  • lorinm

    Shouldn’t this be on Cult of Android? No iOS support.

  • seaaalex

    I see this being about as successful as the failed Instaprint kickstarter project ….