New iPhone 3GS Model Updates Boot ROM, Blocks Jailbreak Completely



Expert iPhone hackers confirm that the newest iPhone 3GS model updates the bootrom to iBoot 359.3.2, which completely blocks all the current jailbreak solutions, including PwnageTool and blackra1n. The new model that started shipping last week has an iBoot that ‘fixes’ 24kpwn exploit, which is currently the base of all the aforementioned jailbreak solutions.

Found at first by a hacker named Mathieu Hervais, it has now been confirmed by DevTeam members CPICH and MuscleNerd. This means that the hackers will now have to work hard on finding a completely new solution.

Those who want to jailbreak might be able to find an older/refurbished iPhone with an earlier boot ROM. Otherwise, you will have to wait till the next major jailbreak solution, which might take months.

Apple has been preventing users from jailbreaking since the first ever firmware update. The main reason behind this is prevent customers from unlocking their iPhones to use with different carriers. Most jailbroken devices end up being unlocked at some stage, which has a negative impact on carrier’s monopoly of the device. This indirectly effects Apple’s earnings.

Another reason could be piracy, which too has a similar impact in terms of reduction in revenue from the AppStore. But preventing jailbreak to stop piracy sounds pretty lame as Apple definitely has the potential to develop a better and effective anti-piracy system.

Pretty bad news but will it really prevent you from getting a new iPhone 3GS?