Use DietBulletin To Make Notification Banners Super Slim On Your Jailbroken iOS Device [Jailbreak]


With DietBulletin, notification banners are as slim as the status bar.
With DietBulletin, notification banners are as slim as the status bar.

Using banners for your notifications — rather than full-blown alerts we had to suffer prior to iOS 5 — is a great way to ensure incoming alerts stay out of your way while you’re busy sending tweets, chopping fruit, or writing emails. However, it would be nice if those banners could be even slimmer — maybe the same size of the status bar.

Thanks to DietBulletin, they can be.

This new tweak from Ryan Petrich, the developer behind DietBar and other popular tweaks, instantly reduces the size of the notification banners on your iOS device, making them even less intrusive. Sure, there are similar tweaks that do similar things, but DietBulletin has one special feature.

When you activate it, it doesn’t just reduce the size of every notification banner automatically. Instead, you can customize it to reduce only those you specify — leaving the rest to enjoy Apple’s default size.

For example, you can make Words With Friends notifications super slim so that they stay as subtle as they can be. While text message notifications can stay the default size so that you can read the message preview.

Oh, it has another great selling point: It’s completely free. You will need to add Petrich’s repository ( your Cydia sources to access it, though.

Via: iDownloadBlog

Image: Only-iPhone