Chromonaut Camera Bag Is Almost Big Enough To Sleep In


You might as well just move in.



The thing I like best about the Chromonaut camera bag isn’t the price (it’s a ridiculous $215), or the fantastic retro styling. Nor is it the name, which makes me think of 1970s pulp sci-fi magazines. Nope. The best part of this cool camera carrier is the removable padded inserts, which mean that the bag doubles as, well, a regular bag. An expensive regular bag, sure, but at least it won’t get left at home when you go to the beach.

The Chromonaut is huge. It can swallow a full-frame DSLR like the Canon 5D or the Nikon D700 along with a flash and a spare lens and not even have to loosen its belt (if it had a belt other than the cool retro-style straps and buckles, that is). And that’s before you get to the pockets and pouches arrayed around the edges – the end pocket alone is big enough for you iPhone.

It’s tough, too, with all stress points triple stitched at the factory in Japan

Source: Photojojo