Handsome Bluetooth Speaker Doubles As Retro-Style Travel Clock


I want this speaker so bad.

Hey! Remember those old travel alarm clocks which would fold out from a pocket-sized, pillow-shaped package into a three-sided stand-up clock? No? Well I do, because that’s what my ever-frugal Nan used to use as a regular clock in the living room, and I never tired of folding and unfolding it – whenever she wasn’t around, at least.

Which is why I have a thing for this neat-o Bluetooth speaker from Geneva Labs. The handsome package folds up just like my Nan’s did, and even manages to hide a cute clock in behind the minimalistical grille.

The Bluetooth speaker unfold from its leather clamshell and can be used as is. But in the package you’ll also find an FM radio, an alarm clock and a 3.5mm jack to hook up non Bluetooth gear to the stereo speaker. Control is via an array of touch-sensitive buttons.

The Geneva Sound System Model XS can be had in red, black or white, for a mere $250, and will look good on the nightstand of fancy hotels the world over.

Source: Geneva Sound Systems

Via: Apartment Therapy