GeChic’s Battery-Powered 15-Inch External Monitor For iPhone


Hot, hot On-Lap action.
Hot, hot On-Lap action.

GeChic will soon sell you a 15.6-inch monitor for your phone. That’s right – your phone. The 1366 x 768 LED display comes complete with a pair of speakers, a 9,600mAh battery and inputs for MHL, VGA (!) and HDMI cables, and it’ll display anything your iPhone (or iPad, or Android phone) will allow it to.

At first, this seems laughable. And then, bit by bit as you read the supplied PDF, you realize that GeChic might just be on to something.

I use my iPad for everything, and that includes watching TV shows. But what if I had a GeChic display? I could use my iPhone instead. I could also use the monitor to read books, to play games, and to look at photos. A regular monitor would be pointless, tethered as it is to the mains. But the battery in the On-Lap 2501M, as it’s called, along with a clip to attach your iPhone, makes this into a rather useful accessory.

The monitor is coming later this year, for an as-yet unspecified price.

Thank: Eric!

  • assyrianpride

    that looks like a piece of crap that sony would make

  • SevanGrim

    the problem is if it works with the iphone 5, it kinda defeats the purpose of the ipad. The only thing you wouldnt be able to do well is play games (and thats assuming the phone cannot be moved too far from the screen holster).
    Apple will probably try to hinder this badboy wherever they can. But i like it. If you cant afford an ipad AND an iphone, or if you would rather not have to manage the synchronization on multiple devices, this is cool.