Vectrex Emulator Coming Soon To iOS


Retro heaven: Vectrex is on its way to the iPhone and iPad.

Vectrex, the sent-from-the-future vector-based games console from 1982, is soon to come to iOS. The Vectrex Regeneration emulator, complete with the entire original game catalog, will launch soon as a Universal app, and will use optional expansion packs to enable extra features.

There was a kid down the street from me who had a Vectrex, and all of my friends (of which there were few, as I was a nerd even then) were obsessed with it. The main draw was the “needleshot graphics” (as the TV ad called them. “… are the sharpest around” it continued). These were pixel-free, drawn on the screen like the lines in a Asteroids arcade cabinet or an oscilloscope. And as you can imagine, the lack of pixels back in 1982, when every other games machine or home computer plugged into a low-res TV set, were astonishing.

Vectrex Regeneration can’t take control of the electron guns inside the iPad, but the iPad 3’s Retina display should get close enough to make things look genuine. Additional purchases will get you iCade support, remote control (use iPhones as controllers for single or multiplayer gaming) and auto-fire. There will also be extra indie games made available.

The launch date is close, but as yet not confirmed. Then again, if you have waited for 30 years to get your hands on a Vectrex of your own, then a few more days or weeks won’t make any difference.

Source: Vectrex Regeneration

Via: Touch Arcade

  • Gareth Edwards

    always wanted one of these as a kid.