Leaked: Pictures Of Nikon’s Android-Powered Digicam


Phone camera, or camerphone?

This, apparently, is a new Android-powered phone from Nikon. As budget compact cameras become lass and less relevant thanks to camera-packing smartphones, manufacturers are essentially turning their cameras into phones.

This one is the S800c, and will reportedly run Android 2.3 Gingerbread, sport a 10x or 12x zoom (there will be either two versions, or one badly-reported version) and a 3.5-inch OLED display.

Wi-Fi and GPS complete the picture.

The launch date for the cameras could be as early as tomorrow, so I’ll save the technical discussion for then. For now, what do you think about this new breed of “smart camera?” I love the idea of installing apps on a camera and getting access to pictures taken with a proper lens and maybe a decent-sized sensor. But I don’t like the idea of Android sucking the battery life from a camera the way it does from my phone (I am temporarily a user of a Samsung Galaxy Y – don’t ask).

And then there’s the question of connectivity. GPS is great, and putting Instagram on your camera even better, but if you have to wait to find a Wi-Fi hotspot before posting or Tweeting that photo, a major part of mobile photography is lost.

These are just musings. What do you think? Stoked by the idea of connected cameras? Or happy with your iPhone?

Source: PetaPixel

  • The_Truth_Hurts

    Apple build quality + Nokia ClearView Camera + Samsung Galaxy Note size display & Stylus + Motorola RAZR MAXX battery life = Most epic phone ever.

    Big, cheap, ugly, junky phone? Absolutely not, if done right.
    1) “unibody” chassis. Thus, non removable battery. Why? Allows for maximize space inside for battery, components, while making the phone as small as possible.
    2) “thin” bezels, software buttons (or gesture). Will allow for maximize size for display, but make the phone as small as possible.
    3) Camera hump. Yes, lenses will have to stick out, but it will make the phone (overall) thinner. But, you want the phone thick enough to have a large enough battery for great battery life, and a stylus.

    Done properly? Be around the size of a Samsung Galaxy S III. Maybe slightly larger.

    Too big? For those who actually try it, instead of complaining it’s too big? Majority will find it’s a nice size. The “problem” with the large phones is switching to the size. After using a large phone after several weeks? You will get used to the size and anything smaller than it, will just (simply) appear too small.

    (Basically) This device will be a “Swiss Army knife” of Phones. Amazing camera to replace your point & shoot camera. Large display to replace you GPS system. Large display & Stylus to replace your little sketchbook/notepad/and similar things. Large display to replace your eBook reader. Large display to replace your (small) tablet. Phone to replace your cell phone. MP3 player to replace your MP3 player.

    That is the future. A “Swiss Army knife” Phone. Not a device like this above. Great device? Maybe at one time, but where stuff is going, it’s a little bit too late.

    Yes, high end cameras will stay, high end GPS systems will stays, sketchbooks/notepads/etc.. will stay. high end eBook readers will stay, etc… But for a (large) majority of the Population, a “swiss army knife” device is what they need.

  • Sikandar Hayat

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