The Dry Bag Protects Your iPhone From Water, Dirt, And Sand While You Frolic At The Beach [Review]


Safety first: Think Bioligic's Smartphone Dry Bag
Safety first: Think Bioligic's Smartphone Dry Bag

With a built-in waterproof headphone jack, BioLogic says their $20 Dry Bag will keep your iPhone safe, clean, and dry in dirty conditions and in water up to three feet deep — all while letting you use your iPhone like you normally would.

I was wary of the claim, so decided to put it to the test.

The Good

The first time I submerged my beautiful white iPhone 4S into a big bowl of water, I was less than serene. Yes, with an IP67 certification, Think Biologic says its little Dry Bag is waterproof in up to 3 feet of the wet stuff, but that promise of safety didn’t entirely comfort me. The good news is that my 4S emerged from its test bath totally dry, and 100% functional. The Dry Bag worked as promised. The things I go through to test products for you guys…

Successful in my lab, I decided to take my Dry Bag to the shores of Seattle’s Greenlake; a place where I’ve always had to protect my iPhone from dirt, sand, water, and the rich tanning oils often covering my manly chest and arms. The Dry Bag is perfect for environments like these because you can still operate your iPhone, listening to music and the like, but keep it protected from the elements, and coconut essence sprays.

That little trick is accomplished by the Dry Bag’s integrated waterproof audio jack, which does more than just let you listen to music. It also let’s you command your iPhone with your white earbud controls, just as if they were plugged into the iPhone itself.

And for you hikers and rafters, Dry Bag features a lengthy lanyard which will help keep your phone around your neck instead of swimming with the fishes.

The Bad

Though the Dry Bag’s backside features a “clear window” that allows you to use your iPhone’s camera while it sits within, the window isn’t exactly optical quality, and makes for blurred and hazy images. If you’re looking to take water shots with your iPhone while using the Dry Bag, you’re gonna have a bad time.

And another thing that made me frown: the Dry Bag, made to cover all smartphones, is too large for the iPhone and thus makes its screen somewhat tricky to touch correctly. It’s like trying to use your iPhone inside a sandwich bag; sometimes the bag moves when you slide your finger over the screen.


The Dry Bag does a very good job at keeping your beloved iDevice safe and dry in places where sand, water, and dirt would normally destroy it. If you take your iPhone near the water a lot, it’s an easy bag to recommend.

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