Awesome biteSMS Messaging App Updated With Theming, Quick Reply Improvements, And More [Jailbreak]


The new
The new "biteSquare" Quick Reply theme for biteSMS.

One of, if not the, staple app for jailbreakers is called biteSMS. Apple’s Messages app is nice, but biteSMS takes it to a whole other level. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get biteSMS. A marquee feature is the ability to quickly reply to a message from anywhere in iOS (including the lock screen) without entering the actual Messages app. It saves a lot of time and looks really cool. And Quick Reply just scratches the surface of what biteSMS can do.

Fans of biteSMS will be happy to learn that a major update has been released today that brings several new improvements. The Cydia app’s developers have also offered a 50% discount for those of you wishing to buy the version without ads.

From the developers of biteSMS:

Frustrated with the built-in Messages app? Wish it was much quicker to compose or reply to messages? Then biteSMS is for you, with lots of extra features like Quick Reply, Quick Compose, Scheduled Messages, Auto-Forward, Auto-Retry, Passcode Lock, Privacy, Delivery Reports, Contact Pics, Easy Pick Smileys, Templates, Signatures, and much more!

Simply use biteSMS as a complete souped-up replacement to the built-in Messages application on iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.

What’s New In This Version:
● Check out biteSMS, Settings, Themes…NICE!!!
● Added a ‘mark as read’ icon in the Apple banner roll notification.
● Added the ability to display the contact pic in the ‘Lock Screen Notification List’ (see biteSMS, Settings, More Stuff, Contact Pics).
● Better control of Quick Reply. See biteSMS, Settings, Quick Reply: Lock Mode and Unlock Mode.
● Fixed a whole heap of layout issues on the iPad.
● Fixed up issue with very new iPhones (currently in China) in relation to Emoji character encoding.
● For iOS 5.1: Fixed bug in Quick Compose volume HUD where we were restoring the wrong volume category.
● Fixed a bunch of minor bugs.

All of the new additions can be accessed from the app’s settings (tap the little gear icon at the top of Messages app’s main window). The themes are a particularly cool addition. You can choose from a few preloaded themes and also purchase premium ones in Cydia.

With each update, biteSMS continues to refine itself into the most full-featured mobile messaging client in existence. Existing and new users alike should be thrilled with today’s update.

You can download biteSMS 6.3 for free in Cydia, and purchasing a full license to remove ads costs $4.50 for a limited time instead of the normal $9.