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This iTypewriter Is The Most Ridiculous iPad Accessory You’ll See All Week



There has been no shortage of iPhone and iPad accessories that attempt to mix old school technologies with the new. Some pull it off pretty well, while others are just comical. The iTypewriter is probably the most preposterous thing we’ve seen all month, but hipsters everywhere are going to love it.

The iTypewriter is a concept created by Austin Yang that allows users to enjoy the old feeling of typing. Each time a user presses a key, a metal arm with a rubber pad on the end slams into the iPad’s virtual keyboard for that character – you know, just like a real typewriter would. You can see a video of it in action right here.

Yang’s site claims that even though elderly people have never used a computer or iPad before, they’re familiar with a typewriter, so the iTypewriter helps them connect with their device. The idea that elderly people can’t interact with a virtual keyboard and would need something like the iTypewriter is absolutely absurd, but I’m not 90 years-old, so what do I know.

There’s no word yet on whether or not Yang plans to turn iTypewriter into an actual product line, but we’re really hoping we never see our coffeeshops packed with hipster’s loudly pounding away on their iTypewriter as they produce beautiful Apple poetry.


Source: Austin-Yang

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