This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: Instagram, Food Network On The Road, WWE & More [Roundup]


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  • mr_bee

    These pieces should be renamed “This week’s Apps that we are pushing.” There is no way you could possible call a tasteless, niche wrestling app “must have” for instance, unless your entire audience is a wrestling site.

  • Peter Reynolds

    I agree with Mr Bee. You seem rather keen on promoting certain apps and products that don’t deserve our attention.

    And in CultCast #27 (God Save the Queen) you seemed to say that readers who use Adblocker are depriving you of revenue. Well, I read and enjoy Cult of Mac every day, but if you went out of business because I’m using Adblocker then I’d start reading one of the many other Apple related websites. You can’t expect me to want to read advertisements, can you?

  • Terry Granderson

    My kids love to play FlySmacker, Toy Store Delivery Truck, Singing City, Baby Tap & Learn and Guess Who Silly Shadows. Its incredible how helpful apps are becoming to their lives and learning.

  • Lauren Elaine

    Leloca is a new foodie app that connects you to deals at top NYC restaurants. The deals are targeted to your immediate location, they’re free to secure and are to be used right away. It’s an awesome way to check out a new spot at a great discount (usually between 30-50% off) right when you’re ready to dine.