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Find And Schedule Future Calendar Events Faster on Your iPhone [iOS Tips]



Many folks add events to their Calendar app on their iOS device the same way they’ve added events on paper since the way back days before smartphones and personal information managers. They flip to the date they want to add an event to, tap on the day, and then add it there.

This works, yes, but it can get tedious, with all the arrow tapping. What if your event is a couple years out? Even in month mode, tapping through 24 months is bound to get tedious.

There is, of course, an easier way.

You can still flip to the day you want to add an event, if that helps your brain. But instead of tapping the right arrow, either in month or week view, tap and hold it down. The months or weeks will fly on by, letting you get to the desired event day that much faster, allowing you to get back to, you know, actual productivity.

The best way, however, is to hit the plus button in the upper right of your iPhone or iPod touch screen and use the spinning dials to set your date. You can spin through years at a time this way, quickly and easily, without much muss or fuss.

It’s funny how we all get used to doing things in a certain way. The skeumorphism of apps like Calendar don’t help, either, allowing us to still think of the digital tools as being the same as they were when they were in an analog format.

Via: Macworld Hints

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