Scratch Your iPhone While Wearing A Cellhelmet And They’ll Replace The Glass


This is the only screen protector in the world that comes with a guarantee for your display.
This is the only screen protector in the world that comes with a guarantee for your display.

Back in February, I told you about an iPhone case from a company called cellhelmet that comes with one major advantage: If your iPhone breaks while it’s inside the case, cellhelmet will fix or replace it for free. Now the company is expanding, and it’s about to launch a new line of screen protectors that offer a similar guarantee. If your iOS device’s screen gets scratched while wearing one, cellhelmet will replace the display.

Despite being nothing more than a sheet of plastic, screen protectors for an iOS device can cost upwards of $20, depending on where you buy them. Cellhelmet’s David Artuso believes that at that price, they should come with a guarantee, and so his company are offering one.

If your screen gets scratched through a cellhelmet display within a year of purchase, they’ll replace your display for free. All you need to pay is the handling fee. Their support line is manned by real human beings who are there 24 hours a day. Simply give them a call and they’ll get your device repaired within three business days.


Of course, to offer this kind of guarantee, cellhelmet have to be pretty confident in their screen protectors. And so they should be. They’re made from PET, the same plastic bottles are made from, and they’re built to last. They also offer a high-quality finish, and cellhelmet promises they won’t attract bubbles.

What’s more, these screen protectors don’t just cover your iOS device. Cellhelmet is developing them for a whole range of smartphones and tablets, and even handheld consoles from Nintendo and Sony.

But like cellhelmet’s iPhone case, their screen protectors need your backing before they can enter production. They’re currently looking for pledges of $10 or more through Indiegogo, with $12 pledges securing you three screen protectors — shipping included. That’s $4 for a screen protector that will later retail for $20-$30.

Source: Indiegogo