Stackable Batteries Can Even Charge The New iPad


Rack 'em and stack 'em.

IPad 3. Hired: Retina screen, speedy 4G internet, lots of lovely RAM. Fired: Weight. Heat. Girth. Retired: That damn battery.

Yes, if the iPad 3 were to be leaping over a fence to escape its doom, and Paris were to fire an arrow to stop it, the arrow would hit the iPad 3 in its battery charger, not its heel (sorry about the extended and twisted Greek adventure story there). Sure, the battery lasts long enough, but it takes forever to charge the thing.

Happily, Exogear’s stackable battery packs are here to help.

For $90 you can buy the main 5,200mA battery pack with attendant adapter cables. To this you can add as many $50 sub battery packs as you like, just by stacking them on top. If you want to give the newest iPad a full charge, you’ll need to buy an extra two packs: it contains a ~11,200mAh battery. The packs do at least output at a rate of two amps, which should mean you’re not waiting all day for the charging to finish.

And the ExoVolt Plus, as it’s called, can of course also be used to juice any other USB-powered device. Available now.


Via: Andrew Liszewski