Bring Activity Window Functions Back To Mountain Lion – Sort Of (OS X Tips)



Reader Chris M asked us yesterday about finding a way to see the source media files in Safari now that the Activity Window has been retired in OS X Mountain Lion. He writes:

A while back you showed a great feature. If you were using Safari watching a video, you could go to WINDOW—-ACTIVITY—and it would show everything on the website and you could Option click on the video file and automatically download it. That feature went away in Mountain Lion. Will you PLEASE write an article and show if there is any way to access this feature any more.

You’re in luck, Chris, as we found just the thing. It’s not quite a full “bringing sexy back” fix, but it should serve the purpose you used the Activity Window for – finding media files in web pages.

To do this, launch Safari in Mountain Lion, and then choose Preferences from the Safari menu, or just hit Command-comma on your keyboard. Click on the Advanced tab and check the Show Develop menu in menu bar option at the bottom.

With that menu enabled, you can use it to choose Show Page Resources… on any web page you’re browsing to. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Option-Command-A. This will bring up the Page Resources window, which will have all the page’s media listed for your perusal. There’s even a search bar at the bottom to help you find things more specifically.

Hope that helps, Chris, and anyone else who was looking for this functionality in OS X Mountain Lion of Safari 6.

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Source: Apple Stack Exchange

  • angelsevov

    Its not the same thing… it looks like u never used Activity Window on safari

  • BanditHijo

    i agree with angelsevov. Activity Window is different like Developer Menu ^_^

  • luser

    a more general solution for the missing activity monitor list is provided by hetima with SafariStand