German Reward Club Promises New iPod Nano In Late September, ‘Old’ Model No Longer Available


The first sign that a new iPod nano is coming.
The first sign that a new iPod nano is coming.

Apple neglected to give its iPod line any real attention last year, and so it seems likely the devices will receive a much-anticipated refresh before the holidays. Still, we’ve seen little evidence of this, but one German rewards club has promised that there will be a new iPod nano this fall, and that the “old” model is no longer available from Apple.

As noted by 9to5Mac, German publication iFun reports that Shell Germany members who chose to use their reward points to purchase a current iPod nano are greeted with a message that explains the “old” device is no longer available from Apple, and that a new one is on its way.

Roughly translated by computer, the message reads:

Sun customers put off Shell Club Smart of the bonus program, waiting for an iPod nano, now with a reference to an “unforeseen delay in delivery” from Apple. Due to an upcoming NEW RELEASE is the “old” device is no longer available and they wanted to send the customer instead then the new generation of the expected date of delivery in late September.

This is the first time we’ve seen shortages of any iPod model this year, and the first sign to suggest Apple will indeed refresh its iPod family. The iPod nano refresh in particular is one that will be worth keeping an eye on. Recent reports have claimed that the device could get Bluetooth 4.0 so that it can be closely integrated with the iPhone, making it an even greater smart watch.

Source: iFun

Via: 9to5Mac