The 13 Most Awesome Wallpapers For People Who Love Shark Week [Gallery]



Despite their bad rap, sharks really aren’t that mean. They just like to smile a lot. And it looks scary. I mean, sure if you prance around in the ocean looking like a sumptuous seal, or taunt a shark, or punch him, yeah, he might eat you. But that’s rare. Like, really rare.

To celebrate the brutish magnificence of the king of the ocean, we found the 13 best shark wallpapers. Take a look. Download them. And let your iPad or Mac bathe in the glory of nature’s most spectacular beast.

Meanie Shark

Fishie Shark


Friendly Shark

Smiley Shark

Silhouette Shark

Super Happy Shark

Surprised Shark

Gingivitis Shark

Sneaky Shark

Relaxin’ Shark

Swan Dive Shark

M.C. Hammer Shark

Tiger Shark

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4 responses to “The 13 Most Awesome Wallpapers For People Who Love Shark Week [Gallery]”

  1. macsmutterings says:

    I love love love sharks, went swimming with whale sharks in Western Australia, one of the best things I have ever done

  2. guilty_shark says:

    Sharks r awesome!

  3. Guiltyfeet says:

    orca the killer shark is my favourite movie lol

  4. Feargal says:

    A good shark these days is hard to find LOL

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