Gartner Research Notices that iPhone Enterprise Support is Coming



Technology analysts are always on the cutting edge of the news out of Silicon Valley. Why, just last night, Gartner Research realized that Apple had licensed Exchange Active Sync, making the iPhone a great option for smart phone users. And they only noticed two weeks after it was announced!

I kid, of course, The report praising the iPhone’s readiness for business customers puts Apple firmly on a competitive plane with Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and S60 phones. Less than a year after its launch as a multimedia device, the iPhone is poised to really take charge in the smart phone space. That’s a big deal, and the endorsement from Gartner does mean a lot to some people making IT support decisions in big companies.

Apple has never had real success in corporate sales, so I can’t wait to see how the iPhone does once it’s ready for its close-up. This note is a sign that it has a fair shot at success.

Via Barrons

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  1. john says:

    WOW this is gonna be tuff