iPad Mini? iPad Air? What Should Apple Call The Newer Smaller iPad? [Let’s Talk]



Dude, what is Apple going to call this newer, thinner, smaller iPad they’re about to launch? iPad Junior? iBook? iPad Mini? iPad Air? iPad 3? I have no idea anymore. Last night I went to bed completely confident that Apple was going to probably call it something simple like “iPad Mini,” but then I woke up to some new renders of the smaller iPad and talk about how Apple might call it the iPad Air.

Now I’m second guessing the whole iPad Mini thing, and leaning towards iPad Air. I really want Apple to call it an iBook, just because I want to read iBooks on my iBook, but that’s probably not going to happen. Are there some better possible names for a smaller iPad? What do you think Apple should call the “iPad Mini.” I need to know!

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Image: iMore

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