Apple Matches Yet Another Sprint Incentive With $100 Gift Card


These can now be had (legally) for $50, after some hoop-jumping.
These can now be had (legally) for $50, after some hoop-jumping.

We told you last week that Sprint was selling iPhone 4S models for discounted prices, and that Apple had quietly authorized its retail employees to match discounts from other carriers as well as from Sprint.

Well, in a second surprise move, Sprint has started selling new iPhone 4S devices for $50, which represents a huge discount even on top of the $150 it started selling them for the last time we reported on it.

Of course, to get this deep price cut, you’ll need to sign up for a new two-year contract, pay the “full” sale price of $150, and then Sprint will send you a $100 AmEx pre-paid gift card, according to Business Insider. If you don’t need a new line, you can still get the $149 iPhone 4S from Sprint.

Apple has picked up the slack here, as well, offering its own customers a $100 store credit if you purchase a new iPhone 4S and activate a new line on Sprint, thereby matching the offer with both sale price and gift card. Win/win, right? The offer only lasts through August 26th, so if this is something that you want to do, you ought to get on it right away.

Now that the iPhone 4S is effectively $50 with a new Sprint contract, it makes me wonder what other carriers, like AT&T, are going to do to compete with the new standard of business being set here. Let’s hope they read the writing on the wall and make at least a couple of steps forward.

UPDATE: According to a Sprint representative, this is an online offer only, and primarily a promotional driver to Sprint’s website. In addition, the offer is applicable for any smartphones, not just the iPhone. Thanks, Jayne!

Source: Business Insider
Via: Apple Insider