Meta Adds Genuinely Cool New Filters To Your iPhone Camera


Forget old-timey fake film effects -- Meta is as modern as it gets.
Forget old-timey fake film effects -- Meta is as modern as it gets.

Meta is yet another photo filter app for the iPhone, but if you have any interest in this kind of thing, you should just go and buy it right now (it’s just one lousy buck).

Meta gives you a bunch of live filters through which you can snap pictures, and lets you share and upload to the usual places. The difference here is that the filters are genuinely new, and that you’re going to love them.

Meta comes with a few fairly familiar, Instagrammatical effects, and they’re good. But the best ones are over at the end of the horizontally-scrolling list. “Grid” glitches out the picture, slicing it into sections in a way an analog camera never could. “Sketch” comes very close to looking like a cheesy Photoshop filter, but actually works very well, and filters like “Dream” and “Lens” turn your iPhone into a camera equipped with a digital Lensbaby, all blurs, odd color shifts and washed out highlights. It sounds terrible, but is in fact awesome.

So, what are you waiting for? Instagram support? Good news: it’s already there. You can even snap square-format photos before you send them across, too.

Source: Meta

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