ThinkGeek’s Awesome Case Turns You iPad Into a 1984 Macintosh


'Party' like it's 1984.
'Party' like it's 1984.

It’s pretty clear that the original Macintosh and the iPad are the same device, separated only by almost three decades of technology. So it’s somehow fitting to clip ThinkGeek’s latest offering onto the back of your modern-day computer-for-the-rest-of-us and pretend that it’s an old 1984-vintage Mac.

The case might look bulky, but that’s just clever design and trompe-l’œil – it is in fact just 2mm thick. Other than its complete retro-awesomeness, the case behaves like a regular bumper, and you can even use it with your Smart Cover, whether on the iPad 2 or 3.

Want one? It’ll cost you just $25. Buy it and marvel at the fact that beige was once a cutting-edge color.

Source: ThinkGeek