Skip Tunes 2.0 Arrives With New Features To Help Play Music From Your Mac’s Menu Bar


The new and improved Skip Tunes.
The new and improved Skip Tunes.

Earlier this year I praised Skip Tunes as a simple, gorgeously designed Mac menu bar app for controlling music. The best thing about Skip Tunes is that it can control not only iTunes playback, but Spotify and Rdio as well. Verizon 2.0 of the app has arrived in the Mac App Store, and the update packs some nice features.

Since Skip Tunes lives in the Mac’s menu bar, keyboard shortcuts are essential for using the app. Today’s new version includes keyboard shortcuts for playing/pausing a track and skipping back and forth between tracks in a playlist.

The app’s interface has been optimized for the new MacBook Pro’s Retina display, and album artwork is displayed when you click on the Skip Tunes icon. Audio scrubbing has been included in this new version to let you quickly move throughout a track from the menu bar, and shuffle support has also been added.

You can set your default music player in the app’s settings, and that’s about all there is to Skip Tunes. The app keeps things simple while adding a nice layer of functionality for anyone who listens to music regularly on the Mac.

I still wish there was a keyboard shortcut for switching between music sources (iTunes, Spotify, Rdio), or perhaps the app could automatically recognize the audio source. Once that kind of feature is added, Skip Tunes will be practically perfect. But for now, the app is still a nice, minimal tool. You can download Skip Tunes for $2 in the Mac App Store.

Source: Skip Tunes

  • easydone101

    VERIZON 2.0???!!!! VERSION!!! VERSION!!! Please fix these spelling mistakes that are constantly going through these articles. I like CoM and I check the website EVERY day, but the certain spell check of these articles constantly annoy me! Once or twice in a full moon is okay, but with EVERY article?

  • geibgb

    Yep, all these applications are getting more popular after the native iTunes dock popup stopped working in ML. Wish it came back or smb. found a new terminal command for that.

  • JaredABurnett

    Does this work with iTunes Match?

  • thegraphicmac

    There are so many of these iTunes controllers out there, but I find myself not needing more than the built-in keys on the Apple keyboard (or any number of 3rd party ones).