Mac Variety Bundle 8 Apps For $39 [Deals-Ends Today!]



Last chance folks, this deal ends today!

We have another great bundle for you today. This bundle includes 8 great apps:
– PDF Editor Pro (edit and enhance your PDFs with optical character recognition.)
– CrossOverXI (run Windows applications on your Intel Mac.)
– Invoice 3 (create and manage your invoices.)
– Fantashow (making your own movie has never been easier)
– Logoist (create logos, title art, icons, banners, web site elements, greeting card headings and more.)
– iClip (get past the limitations of a single clipboard)
– Speed Download 5 (speed up your download times so you can get your assets faster.)
– My Living Desktop (monitor your Mac for possible security infringements.)

While all the apps are great there is one that stands out for me as the “killer app” for me: PDF Editor Pro. So what makes it great? Read on…

The Mac Variety Bundle

Part of my workflow is to try to print and use as little paper as possible. I sign contracts on my iPad, I review white papers, I read books. On my iPad I have some pretty great apps, but on my Mac I was stuck with just the basics. A while ago we did a deal for PDF Editor Pro and received a code to keep using it. And have I ever used it. First, let me give you the overview of the core features:

  • Convert Scanned PDF with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • View and edit standard PDF files in most languages
  • Add and modify text and images easily within PDF files
  • Export PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB, HTML, etc.
  • Annotate PDF files with versatility

All awesome stuff, but let me tell you how I used it to keep from hauling around a gignormous binder of marketing materials. One of my clients is a security company. Part of my job in the agency is to write content for their upcoming blog. When we asked for their marketing materials they didn’t have electronic copies and the binder they sent us was just huge. Over a hundred pages at least. Now we (the team) needed to be able to refer to these documents often, but we had one binder, three people, and have I mentioned how big the binder was? So remember that I had PDF Editor Pro I was able in like an hour scan all the documents that we needed (we didn’t need about half the binder as it turned out), save them as PDF files, and run them through the built in OCR software. Now we have a completely sharable, portable, and searchable set of documents.

To take this to the next level I can pull key content that I need for the site, I can export parts of documents (like if I want to offer a form or downloadable info sheet), and I can annotate the documents with ideas.

PDF Editor Pro is just one of the great apps you All told you save almost $240 if you bought all the apps, but PDF Editor Pro is a $100 app that you’re getting for $40, so that alone is worth it.

Check out the rest of the apps in the deal and then you’ll be wowed with how awesome this bundle really is.