This Incredible Vintage Apple Collection Is Probably The Biggest One Outside The U.S. [Gallery]



Andrei Antonov is a huge Apple fan and has been an avid collector the last three decades. He’s got a certified crap-ton of old Apple machines, Newtons, Pippins, even random peripherals and Steve Jobs figurines. The guy has seriously got so much Apple stuff that he used it all to launch the Museum of Apple Technology where visitors can come in and actually touch the machines and play games like Prince of Persia and Mario on the oldest Macs you can find.

It’s an impressive collection to say the least, and some people think it might be the biggest collection of Apple hardware outside the U.S. Who are we to doubt them? Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself.

Macintosh with a vertical screen
Before the iPad there was the Graphic Tablet

DuoDock let you transform your notebook into a desktop station


you can play a round of Mario on an Apple II when you visit

If you want to see even more cool vintage Apple gear, head over to English Russia to see more pics


Source: English Russia

Via: Kotaku