First Macintosh Praised By Its Creators In Rare Promo Video From 1983


I bet you haven't seen this clip before.
I bet you haven't seen this clip before.

A rare Apple promotional video for the original Macintosh has surfaced online today, courtesy of one of the machine’s creators, Andy Hertzfeld. The one-minute clip, which was produced in 1983 by Chiat-Day, features members of the Macintosh team — including Hertzfeld, Bill Atkinson, Burrell Smith, and Mike Murray — who praise their product for its affordability, reliability, and more.

The reason this clip is so rare is that Apple never aired it. According to Hertzfield, who posted the video on Google+, the Cupertino company felt it was too “self-congratulatory,” and so it never went public. However, it was used in some promotional materials sent to Macintosh dealers.

Sure, it’s self-congratulatory, but no more so than the promotional videos Apple airs today.

Source: Andy Hertzfeld

Via: Reddit