Apple’s 3D Maps In iOS 6 Are Insanely Detailed When Compared With Google’s [Video]



Google tried to beat Apple to the punch when it announced the Google Maps 3D view right before WWDC, but Apple still blew everyone away with its own 3D Maps technology in iOS 6. And even though Apple’s new Maps app is in developer beta, twice as many cites are 3D compatible in iOS 6 than Google Maps!

The above video compares Apple’s 3D Maps with Google’s in great detail. Make sure to check out Jeff of iDownloadBlog’s full post for more screenshots and info. Needless to say, Apple’s attention to detail has won again.

Source: iDownloadBlog

  • baby_Twitty

    Apple wins again :)

  • mr_bee

    I would say that Apple’s maps are better but this guy goes a bit overboard about how much.

    Also it’s hard to be effusive when in my country, there are thousands of large cities but so far there is only one,(!) that Apple has chosen to map in 3D. This is really another “US-only feature” from Apple so minus a million points for that

  • joewaylo

    Insanely detailed and pray they are more than Google in cities, but your local city isn’t there yet.

  • Whodakat

    This is Cult of MAC. Enough with the crappy flash videos. Time to step up or step out.

  • Spencer H. Mukai

    I think Apple pounced twice over Google….just goes to show everyone….

  • Protagonist

    Montreal is gonna be featured!

  • lowtolerance

    What’s sad is that Google has had 7 years to get the ball rolling here. Apple hasn’t even entered the game yet — at least not publicly — and they’re already showing some insane initiative.

    Say what you will about the new Maps app in iOS, but it’s one hell of an amazing first step from a company that typically isn’t involved in software of this sort.

  • nthnm

    I think some depends on what time of the year/day the images were taken. There was a comparison done a while back between Google and Bing maps and some where better on one and others better on the other. I think that definitely comes into play here with a few of these.

  • Chris Hunter

    Honestly this 3D Map thing is way over rated. I mean how many of us fire up our devices and need to see it in 3D? I’ve done it twice using Google Earth on my PC. Realistically there isn’t a reason unless of course you are a bike messenger in NY or something. LOL

    Everybody has to remember while slamming Google for being so slow. Unless I’m incorrect haven’t they spent the rest of their time photographing the World? Big deal Apple has a few more Cities that somebody else actually shot.

  • hanhothi

    Needless to say, NOKIA’S attention to detail has won again. Yes Nokia, as shown by a recent article by CoM! Apple is using the same 3D maps as Nokia has been making for some time now. Maybe Apple will try to sue Nokia next, or try to claim the patent for 3D maps!