Apple Releases Safari 3.1 With New CSS and HTML 5 Feature Support



I’m not a daily Safari user – more of a Camino man myself – but I think all of us should be excited to see Apple pushing some standards forward with this morning’s Safari 3.1 update. Though it’s just a bug fix at first blush, the most significant change in this version is support for CSS Animations, CSS WebFonts, and HTML 5’s video and audio tags. Though WebFonts have shown up in other browsers, Apple is claiming to be first to support Animations and HTML 5 video and audio. And that’s great.

Here’s why: Adding support for standards never has an immediate impact. There simply isn’t much, if any content that Safari users can enjoy today that will make the upgrade worth it. But by building a platform with support for new features, the rest of the web – and other browsers – will start to come along, too. And that means heading toward a web that’s faster, more compelling, and more compatible. Nicely done, Apple.

To learn more about CSS Animations, head over to Snook.
For more on HTML 5 tags, head to W3C.

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