Pixelmator 2.1 For Mac Brings Retina Graphics, iCloud Syncing, New Effects & More


Pixelmator now looks even more incredible on a Retina MacBook Pro.
Pixelmator now looks even more incredible on a Retina MacBook Pro.

Pixelmator, a wonderful image editing app for Mac OS X, just received a major update that introduces some great new features. As well as Retina graphics for the new MacBook Pro, version 2.1 brings iCloud syncing, a new Effects Browser with new effects, OS X Mountain Lion support and more.

Those of you with a Retina MacBook Pro will appreciate Pixelmator’s latest update the second you open it, because its high-resolution visuals look terrific. But there’s plenty of other improvements for the rest of you.

iCloud syncing is now built into Pixelmator, allowing you to sync your work across all of your Macs. That means you can edit your projects at work in your lunch break, and your changes will be waiting for you on your Mac when you get home.

There’s also a brand new Effects Browser, which allows you to instantly preview and apply special effects, or add color adjustments to your images, including blur, distortion, tile, and more. Furthermore, Pixelmator now has a number of new effects, including vintage, miniaturize, back and white, rain, and snow.

The new Alignment Guides will help you “position, align, and evenly distribute objects in your Pixelmator compositions with pinpoint accuracy,” the release notes promise.

Pixelmator’s Saulius Dailide believes the new update ideal for Mac users looking to “tap into their creativity” without breaking the bank:

Pixelmator continues to be a big hit among both professional and amateur image editors, and we’re thrilled to deliver even more features at a very affordable price. With support for Mountain Lion, iCloud and the new Retina display, Pixelmator 2.1 is ideal for Mac users looking to tap into their creativity with a full-featured, easy-to-use image editing app.

Finally, Pixelmator 2.1 brings support for OS X Mountain Lion, and “much more.”

You find the latest version in the Mac App Store now, and it’s free if you’re already Pixelmator customer. If you’re not, now’s the best time to buy, because it’s currently just $14.99 — down from $59 — for a limited time.

Source: Mac App Store

  • mr_bee

    Still with the horrible black UI that can’t be changed though. Without control over that, it just isn’t worth using IMO.

    Just give us a toggle to make the UI match the rest of the computer. Literally about 10 minutes work for the developers.

  • Mystakill

    I’ve been asking for an option to switch to a normal UI palette since version 1, but they’ve consistently ignored mine and other pleas for it.

  • mrcutter

    I bought this app months ago, but still usually go to PS Elements or Snapseed instead. Don’t know if this update will change that.