Nikon’s J2 Mirrorless Camera Still Features A Comedy-Sized Sensor


Hey, at least it now comes in orange.
Hey, at least it now comes in orange.

Nikon has added a new model to its toy camera Nikon 1 line. The J2 is a tweaked version of the J1, and in addition to some improvements it drops its price by $100, to $550. And if you’re thinking that this still seems steep for a camera with a tiny compact sensor – even if you can change its lenses – then you’re right.

The big changes are the rear screen, which jumps up to 920,000 dots of resolution, and a new stop on the function dial, giving access to a bunch of “creative” filters to Instagrammize your pictures right in the camera, plus the options to buy the camera in red or orange.

This comes in addition to the 1080p video, the 10MP sensor and the standard 10-30mm lens (with a crop factor of around 2.7x, this comes out at roughly 28-80mm equivalent).

In addition to this slight update to a camera I would never buy comes a new lens, a 11-27.5mm ƒ3.5-5.6 ($190) which is, like, totally different to a 10-30mm, plus a neat waterproof housing which will protect the J1 and J2 down to 40 meters (131 feet) and will cost just $750 when it ships in September.

Source: Nikon

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