Things Gets Massive Update On Mac & iOS With Cloud Syncing, Retina Graphics, New Features [Update]


But is it major enough?
But is it major enough?
  • MikeU

    What alternatives would you suggest? I have looked at OmniFocus but that is equally expensive

  • Gugle Yahu

    Give me Dropkick any day. Simple, and syncs perfectly.

  • terryxx

    The arrow button for creating repeating tasks is there! You can find it at the bottom in Scheduled page.

  • JoachimArt

    I bought the app a year ago, before it had cloud syncing. Its a beautiful app, but WAY too expensive. If you want to have the mac, ipad and iphone version, which you probably do when having cloud, you end up paying nearly 100$ for all three. That’s ridiculous for a To-Do app! I have respect for companies that put a lot of effort into making their apps super polished. But it seems Culture Code don’t understand what you can charge for such a program.

    I switched even though I paid for it, since it took culture code a year to figure out cloud service.

    Now Im’ using Wunderlist, which you have for free on all the devices as well as on PC. And, unless you are a professional TO-DO’er it’s more than enough and it looks as good too. It’s polished and with less advanced features, …for normal users.

  • 3dmark

    “Spend five minutes in the App Store and you’ll find far better task management apps — with more features — for less than half the price.”

    This is really, really, really not true. The only competitor in this space is OmniFocus. I personally prefer Things, but OmniFocus has strong points. Everything else is a distant also-ran.

    Things is for professionals who have serious juggling to do to make their time work out. It is not for people whose most complicated problem is remembering to pick up beer on the way home. For me, Things is the application that I focus my day around. $50 is nothing for what it does for me.

    Things is the cleanest and smoothest implementation of Dave Allen’s “Get Things Done” method that I’ve seen on either the Mac or PC. It has a couple of really slick features, including the ability to create a task from most applications with a hot-key, where the task includes a back-link to it’s context. It takes one click to create a task that links back to a given file, email message or web page.

    I don’t think the audience for a pro-level tool like this is that large, so they don’t have much choice but to charge a premium price.