StoryBundle Might Be The Most Interesting Thing To Happen To eBooks Since The iBookstore



You need to read more. It’s just a fact. Everyone could stand to read a few more books a year and watch a few less GIFs on the internet. Isn’t that why you bought your iPad? Because you said you’d read more if you had an “eReader”? No? Well you should anyway.

To inject your life with more literature you’ll need to buy a lot of books. They’re not cheap, and they kind of suck to buy because, depending on which digital store you buy them from, they’re laden with DRM. Don’t let that get you down though because there’s some really great news today on the eBook front. just launched their cool new website, and it’s pretty much the neatest thing to happen to eBooks this year.

StoryBundle is an online digital bookstore that sells bundles of fantastic eBooks. The catch is, you can pay whatever you want for the bundle. Five bucks? Sure go ahead. Wanna pay $100? Yeah you can do that too. Unlike the iBookstore you can also dictate the percentage split between the authors and StoryBundle, so that if you think Apple’s 30% cut on an iBook isn’t fair, you can give StoryBundle 10% of your purchase and the author the other 90%.

There’s no DRM on any of the books either, so you can read them on your iPad, Nook, or Kindle. Hell, you can even read them on a freaking Kobo if you were silly enough to buy one. StoryBundle just released the Big Bang Bundle which includes seven sci-fi titles that will be available for the next 20 days. If you’re looking to stock your iPad with eBooks, this might be one of best ways to get some quality literature at a price you’re comfortable with.