Would You Be Angry If Apple Introduced A Smaller Dock Connector This Fall? [Let’s Talk]



The writing is on the wall my friends. Apple is going to announce a sleek and beautiful new iPhone in September, only instead of using the traditional 30-pin connector, it’s going to use something a lot smaller. Like, “maybe only 9-pins” smaller. Apple might sell an adaptor so your old iPod speaker docks can play nice with the new connector, but will that satisfy you?

Does the news make you sad or angry? Or maybe you’re like, “Smaller dock connector? Hells yeah! Now all my iDevices are going to be slimmer and cooler.” I dunno. You tell me. We want to hear how you feel about the smaller dock connector and whether or not you’re worried it will ruin all of your Apple accessories.

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  • Eric

    I’d be upset if it’s just because they want a cash cow, by way of having to buy new cable, adapters and/or docks. But if the new smaller port actually serves a viable and functional purpose, ie. it’s better, more advance, and charges much faster than the older larger port, than I wouldn’t mind so much.